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Mon. February 3 from 1300 - 1700 hours Tue. February 4 from 0800 - 1200 hours Department of Public Safety Standards & Training Board Room, 4190 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, OR As a Roundtable attendee you will hear from peers and experts, build connections, and strategize for the challenges of…

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  • 61 Years Ago, Ammonium Nitrate Blew Up Roseburg -- David Kennerly Was There August 7, 2020
    On Aug. 4, the world watched Beirut's waterfront leveled by a massive explosion. The blast, which killed at least 100 people and injured thousands more, looked like a nuclear detonation. In fact, it was ammonium nitrate—an extremely unstable additive to fertilizer. Oregon had its own ammonium nitrate disaster. - PUB DATE: 8/7/2020 12:00:00 AM - […]