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Membership Registration 2019-20

Thank you for your interest. OSHS’s membership cycle is July 1st through June 30th each year.

Simply choose from the categories below, login, and renew or purchase a new membership.

Oregon Safety and Health Section Active Safety Officer Membership - SDAO Sponsored - $ 25.00

One FREE Active Membership is open to any individual whose Chief is an Active Member of OFCA and is part of an SDAO/SDIS qualifying district. Each Active Member of the Section is eligible to vote on all Section ballots and is eligible to hold office in the Section. Please send your membership info to [email protected] to activate your membership.

Oregon Safety and Health Section Associate Membership - $ 25.00

Open to persons, Agencies or businesses interested in the goals and objectives of the OSOA who are not eligible for regular membership.

*Chief Officers are defined as Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Division Chief, or Battalion Chief in the State of Oregon.
**Non-Chief Officers are defined as Lieutenant or Captain in the State of Oregon.